viernes, julio 08, 2016

WILD - JUNE | Lets Get Creative Proyect - Monthly Theme

[Photography: Series: The monthly theme; Wild,
For the Lets Get Creative Proyect, in this year.

My lovely friend Julissa

Each month we have to look for a photo relate for the theme. This time was Wild. I choose to portrait my friend, We were late to capture the light of the sun. I have to edit the photo in a different color. The result you can see. I don't have any pro lamps of something like that. So I just took the capture in the dark side of the day. This is a proyect for #LGCProyect! Thank to this group to exist! 

Hope you like the series! 
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  1. Cool pictures!

  2. I am following you via GFC, can you follow back? I'll wait in my blog! Thanks! ^_^

    Un Angolo Di Gioia

  3. Such a nice post dear,love the photos :)

    I'm following you on GFC :)

  4. I love this! You are too gorgeous! I love this theme so light but still powerful!

    XOXO - Lovingrose_

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